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Iraqi Girls Names with meanings

That moment when you sit down and think about what your or your child’s name is is one of the happiest moments, and accordingly, we wanted to help you choose those names, so here is today a list of the most famous names for girls, and we divided those names according to what each woman is looking for, so here is you All you are looking for in the world of girl names, and today we will display a list of the most famous Iraqi girls ’names, modern Iraqi girls’ names, Iraqi girls ’names 2021, the most famous Iraqi girls’ names, everything new in the world of names, modern Iraqi girls ’names and the splendor of 2021.

jodyThe mountain on which Noah’s Ark, peace be upon him, rests (I believe in Sinai)
janahThe fruit of paradise and its moisture or honey (what is reaped from the fruit) even if some tribes consider it a disgraceful name and it has a different meaning to them
salsabelA river in heaven
sedraSidrat al-Muntaha (tree)
laenaNakhla (the name has become very old and widespread)
israaMentioned in the Quran
sadeemLight fog
tarfthe beauty of life
marahThe intensity of joy
dem light rain
hatanContinuous light rain
talaaIt is the small palm.
aleenThe most beautiful women in the world and from the softness
dareenThe name of a region in Bahrain is attributed to the musk of two darns, the stray deer
haidyGerman girl of noble origin
maiMonkey owned and maid
mesamThe feminine organ of Venus - who appears on it the effect of beauty and beauty
danaThe big jewel or pearl
lainaThe Little Palm
lianThe breeze around the palm
rondBroadleaf plant
rianaAgainst Thirsty (Girls of Deroua, this is for girls Ryanah)) As for Ryan for the male
zianOf good and beauty
sajiaThe nature of creation (((And they say the girl according to her temper or on her intentions.)))
lora((Persian name)) means his plateau
lamisFrom touch, which is a true Arabic term
ratelFrom reciting the Qur’an
eraanActivity and fun
deemThe constant rain is falling
raseelpure water
rodainaThe cloud that covered the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, of the cave of Hira
demahRain lasts silently without thunder or lightning
amalHave a good heart ... and think a thousand times before anything is decided.
ahlamStrong personality .. smart .. service .. and always dreams and plans the right of the future and has ambition
asmaaHadi and his silence ... and sincere ... but mysterious.
monaThe opposite of the left means the right .. the opposite of the left
yolandFlower Violet
yoliaThe name of a Syrian woman
retajOf the names of the door of the Kaaba
latinThe thing is very sweet.
acelaAuthentic in honor. And legacy
amaliaIts origin is Greek, but ,,, the sweet and beloved meanness
amjaadCollecting the glory of raising the matter
baraaGet rid of guilt
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