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The Syrian world today has become intertwined and spread throughout the Arab world as a result of the war that is taking place within it, and therefore we find that Syrian names have become widespread among us today significantly, but we always fall into the point that we do not know most of the Syrian names or their meanings, and therefore today I brought you a large group of The meanings of Syrian names for girls so that you can see them, a list of the most famous names of Syrian girls, the names of Syrian girls 2021, the most famous and sweetest names for Syrian girls 2021, everything new in the world of Syrian girls ’names, modern Syrian girls’ names, different Syrian girls ’names, rare Syrian girls’ names .

NameMeaningArabic Tybe
wannaOne of the beautiful Syrian names is the name “Wana” and it appeared recently in the birth of this year and its meaning is very wonderful, and it is the beautiful young girl who never gets old
ramaThe name Rama is one of the most wonderful names in the Syrian language and it began to appear in our Arab society in abundance and its meaning is the cover of the Kaaba
demOne of the beautiful names in the Syrian language is also the name Deem, which has a very wonderful meaning and its meaning is intense rain that does not stop falling
laisaaOne of the new Syrian names that has won the admiration of many parents in recent births is the name of Yisa, which means a girl with good manners.
celdaThe name Selda can be traced back to Arab origins, and it is one of the strongest names in Syria, meaning a brave and fighter girl
marlaOne of the new and distinctive names is Tamara, and you may find it heard for the first time, but it is one of the gentle and easy names and it means the girl with noble morals
bellaThe origins of this name are due to foreign origins, but it is widely spread in Syria and it means a clean and beautiful girl
leemOne of the beautiful names in the Syrian language and widespread, but its origins are due to foreign origins, and its meaning is reconciliation and reconciliation
hatanOne of the strange and rare names, but its meaning is very beautiful and its meaning is very light rain
rawendThe origins of this name can be traced back to Persian origins, but it is one of the Syrian names that have recently appeared in our Arab society and it means grape clusters.
sorianaFrom the name the meaning is clear, but it is one of the rare names in Syria, and it symbolizes the girl of Syrian origin
arnesMeaning pine tree
areebHer acumen
arejGlow of goodness and good wind
arenaActive and fun female
arehaA designation for the city of Jericho, the City of the Moon
asmaaIt was named after Asma bint Abi Bakr “of the two nets
asmaarIn the sense of talking at night and stories
ashganThe entangled branch
ashraaThe sun lit and shine
aselThe time when the sun turns yellow at sunset
elhamWhat is found in the heart of meanings and ideas
emaraYemen and blessings
anmarA name for several Arab stomachs
anharFresh and running water
anwarLight and radiance
aysarThe most accessible
emanRatification by heart and acknowledgment of the tongue
azharGather a flower, the light of each plant
asrarThe hidden thing
asmaaIts meaning is the collection of the name of the beautiful beauty, the elevation and the height
asmaiIts meaning is higher, higher and higher
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