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Yemeni girls names with Meaning

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NameMeaningTyping Arabic
kailyStruggle and fight
batrishiaGenerous and noble
karialittle girl.
cevilaGirl from the woods
merhaBeautiful and Thin.
lizaDedicated to serving the Lord
merendaWorthy of admiration
korneliaRoyal, feminine, lavish and sweet
melfaThe head of the congregation and the maid
kathlenPure immaculate
shmaelAlthough the combinations of the Qur’anic expressions are not widespread and are used as a feminine noun, and there is more than one meaning for this name, including character, morals, nature, instinct and good qualities, in the case that the singular name is comprehensive, but if the plural of its singular is north, then the direction is opposite to the right. In the Holy Qur’an, in the second meaning, in the Almighty’s saying, “His shadows are shrouded from the right and from the north as a prostration to God ﴾[An-Nahl: from verse 48]
bajeInformation is wrongly spread stating that the name Baji is one of the masculine proper names despite it being a feminine scientific name that goes back to Turkish origin and means the elder sister, the director, the president, the lady of society, the sheikh's wife, companion, beloved and wife
SivujaThe name Sivuja is one of the scientific names that is not called by it in the Islamic religion, and it is often called by it in the Christian religion, where this name belongs to the Hebrew origin and its meaning is rich, full, saturated and drenched, and the intention here is full of beauty, vitality and all the beautiful qualities
merilaThere is more than one special meaning for the name Marila, the Polish origin, one of which is that it is a distortion of the name Mary, which is one of the biblical images the name of Mary, meaning in this case the fat woman, the sea of ​​pain and the belts, while the other meaning is charming, beautiful and gentle
LeilaniThe name Leilani is one of the most beautiful names not widely spread in the world in general, and in the Hawaiian language, it means the rose of the sky
mesnaThis name dates back to its Latin origin and means the middle child in arrangement, and it was at first used a dog to denote the arrangement of the child in the family, and soon it turned into a feminine name
tartelThere is another biblical image of the name Tataril spread in the recent period, which is the name of Rital, which has the same meaning, which is the recitation of the Noble Qur’an with rhythm and intonation in its reading and the goodness of writing the speech, but the name Tartil is distinguished from the name of Rital that it was mentioned in the Noble revelation in the Almighty’s saying: [Al-Furqan: From Verse 32]
etaaThe name Aata is distinguished by the fact that it was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in the form of the noun and the verb in two different verses in the Almighty’s saying, “Indeed, God commands justice, kindness, and giving to the one who is close to Allah. As for the meaning of the name, it is giving, transfer and market
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